Audioception Loudspeaker Models 452 and 651

Chris Glamcevski is an audiophile. One day he decided to design a pair of loudspeakers for himself, liked what he had made, began to refine, redesign, retry, repeat and repeat and finally get someone in the know to evaluate his design — and that is when I was approached, asked if I would, could, etc.. I agreed to offer my evaluation for a fee and here is my brutally honest, short and sweet opinion:

The first loudspeaker I auditioned was the Model 651 — a two-way, two-driver design — and the smaller one of the two stand-mount or bookshelf loudspeakers.

The larger Model 452 — a two-way, three-driver design — was auditioned a short time later.

The Model 651 is a two-way, two-driver design that is made up of a 5.25-inch aluminum mid bass driver and a silk dome tweeter. Frequency response is from 55Hz - 28kHz. Sensitivity is 91dB, nominal impedance is 6 ohms. Dimensions are 12 × 7.5 × 8 (304 × 190 × 203mm) H ×W ×D and weigh 15 lbs. each (6.8Kg).

The Model 452 accommodates two 5.25 aluminum mid bass drivers and a silk dome tweeter. Its frequency response is quoted from 55Hz - 28kHz 55Hz +/- 2dB, sensitivity is 91dB, and nominal impedance is 4 ohms. The enclosures measure 20 × 8 × 13 (508 × 203 × 330mm) H ×W ×D and weigh 25lbs lbs. each.

Available in a cherry high gloss finish, these speakers look like most six-sided enclosures — so nothing special, but also nothing unconventional. Magnetic fasteners hold the grilles and cover up the copper-coloured Canadian-made drivers. They feel solid, have a low resonance factor and need solid stands — not because they are heavy, but because a heavy stand improves bass and lower midrange and ultimately helps recreate a solid sound stage — imaging. I think they will blend well with almost all interior designs.

I drove the heck out of these loudspeakers, first with a pair of Bryston7B monoblocks, and later with the new Bryston 4B-3. Played the blues, the rock, the jazz and the classical tunes I often use to evaluate the performance of components with a variety of music. Soon found that the speakers can handle all and are exceptionally good at well-produced jazz and blues, but somewhat less remarkable with complex classical orchestration such as music from Beethoven. However, while the speakers couldn’t accomplish the task of reproducing a live performance (few can) they didn’t miss the infrastructural essence of a musical performance.

Fact is, these loudspeakers do almost everything I'd expect from much more expensive design — which is a good thing, of course. Thus, they render exemplary clear and resolute high frequency information — that is musical material of instruments that reach up into the 20k frequencies. Both models do this quite well, with the larger one handling the top with a bit more refinement (smoothness) than the smaller model, where it can sound a bit rough around the edges at high volume.

Midrange is clear as the proverbial bell on both models. This allows discernible detail of music, its instruments and voices in this very important range, where around 70% of audio takes place. This is where these models excel; perhaps outperform a lot of the brands with which I am familiar.
Looking at the specs, one might assume that bass is a bit on the shy side and it is, but I prefer how these speakers handle bottom-end resolution, without allowing what I consider more, but poorly reproduced bass. I have no problem with it — and people who’d like to hear large organ pipes realistically will have to add a sub.

Having lived with the system for about three weeks, I came to the conclusion that I liked the overall sound. I noticed that the longer the loudspeakers were in operation, the better they sounded. My samples came directly from the manufacturer and, although they had been connected and operated before they arrived, they were not completely burned-in. However, once that was accomplished both models auditioned with the new Bryston 4B 3 delighted my music lover’s soul. What I missed occasionally was the sonic refinements offered by of some of the mega-buck competitors of which I know, but a fair comparison with speakers in the roughly the same price ranges will put the Adioception designs in the same performance category as speakers at higher price points. I'd like to state here that the these loudspeakers never disappointed, inasmuch as they allowed the amp's sonic signature — a good one at that — to bring forth the kind of audio/sound quality I'd expect from good. solid design. Most importantly, the speakers' harmonious fidelity satisfied the music lover in me. While they didn't excite my audiophile soul, it pleased me with a very balanced performance that allows one to forget the audio paraphernalia and just enjoy the music. That's reasonably priced entertainment — made in Canada — for those looking to get into good sound on a budget without sacrificing quality.

452 - $2,400.00/pr (CDN)
651 - $1,300.00/pr (CDN)
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