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Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3 - New
The Musical Fidelity X-DAC V3 is a 24/192 upsampling DAC that will be a major upgrade to add new life to your old 44/16 CD player for an economical price. Just run a digital cable out of your CD player into the X-DAC V3 and enjoy the improvement. Specs, manual, reviews, etc at

The X-DAC was a great value even at its retail price of over $1000.00, but you can get a new one, never used, for $650.00 obo. It was only taken out fo the box for inspection and to take photos.
Musical Fidelity X-Ray, X-DAC, Triple-X, X-3 pre
The "X" series of Musical Fidelity products are compact in size, but not in performance. As with all MuFi products, they are solidly built and good-looking.

The V8 CD player is a current product offering 192/24 performance that is competitive way above its weight class. The Triple X power supply unit also allows connection of the "X" series tuner and integrated amp. $1400.00 for player and power supply.

OR, as an alternative power supply and a big upgrade in d/a conversion, get the X-DAC V8 with the tubed and solid state output, and you have a mini-version of MuFi's KW DM25, their flagship redbook digital player! I have a brand new X-DAC V8, only taken out of the box for inspection. Retail $1500.00, asking $1100.00 ($2100.00 for player plus DAC) Find all info, specs, manuals, reviews of the "X"series components at this llink:

These units saw very brief and light use or none at all, and they are in beautiful condition. I have original boxes and packing materials, and remote controls.  Bank Draft, Money Order or Wire Transfer preferred. If buyer wants PayPal, buyer pays fees. I also have an X-Pre V3 preamp and an X-DAC V3. More pictures available upon request.
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